Meet the team!

We have steadily grown our team from 2013 until now, as we continue to expand in Belfast and beyond. We have clients from the UK, Europe and more, and our team base has grown to reflect this.

Phil Weir | Founder

Founder and director of Flax & Teal Ltd., Phil is also lead architect on our projects and services, as an experienced scientist and web developer. Phil has a PhD in Python-based mathematical simulation, and is one of Northern Ireland’s qualified Kubernetes trainer. Phil has successfully delivered Python and Kubernetes training, and also has experience working with geo-spatial data. He has presented at PyCon New Zealand (2012) on numerical analysis, FEniCS 2016 (scientific Python) on web-based simulations, and at the Open Data Science Conference 2017 in London on web-based, on-demand data analysis.

Sarah Byrne | Product Manager

Sarah is product manager at Flax & Teal Ltd., and has a background in recruitment and academia. Sarah has an extensive research background in philosophy of science, history, and educational research. Sarah works with our clients and stakeholders to provide quality assurance and to ensure things run smoothly from start to finish.

Alana Murphy | Data Analysis

Alana works as a data analyst within Flax & Teal, alongside carrying out a lot of our day-to-day duties as a company. Alana has a background in social science with quantitative methods and empirical research. Alana has worked with SPSS, Stata, HTML and Python. Alana also handles a lot of our social media contact!

Andrea Kyurchiev | Developer

Andrea recently joined Flax & Teal as a free-lance consultant, before coming to work with us full-time as a full-stack developer. He has experience working with PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, C-Sharp, VueJS and more.

Kanika Miglani | Data Science & Analysis

Kanika has recently joined us to add to our machine learning and data science analytics skill-sets. Kanika has a Masters in Mathematics and Statistics from the Indian Institute of Technology and has an experienced background in Python and R.

Ronan Lewsley | Developer

Ronan joined us on his placement year during university, and decided to stay at Flax & Teal during his studies. Ronan is currently studying a degree in computer science, and has experience working with Python, Kubernetes, Java, HTML/CSS and more.

Hristiyana Deliyska

Hristiyana has joined Flax & Teal as our Project and Business Development Manger! Hristiyana has a background in economics and international relations.