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Flax & Teal has prepared, run and participated in a number of projects - some as part of internal or consortium product-building, some facilitating clients.

Our full-scale projects involve designers, media & communications specialists, developers, app & mobile technologists, infrastructure engineers, analysts and data scientists, as required.

This is a selection of our public R&D work. If you have specific questions about our private experience in a specific area, such as data gathering, IoT or training, please contact us directly at

For more information on larger, consortium-based projects, please contact us or visit Avata Industries to find out more about our open source collaborators.


Natural Disaster Simulation for Education

How would the flash-floods of South America, the earthquakes of New Zealand, the wildfires of California or volcanic activity of the Pacific Rim affect Northern Ireland?

This project teaches students the need for resilience and the implications of natural disasters through their own services and surroundings.

It is a web application, with custom tools and interactive maps that allow students to apply basic simulations to their area in the region, using open data to estimate the impact on familiar local landmarks.

Explanatory material linking students to the physical reasons such events do not happen in this region forms part of the workflow, including basic, accessible information tied to the syllabus content.

OurRagingPlanet screenshot

Project Lintol

Open data validation

Flax & Teal is a key consortium member in the Lintol project, providing support for tendering, administrative needs, back-end development, infrastructure and data science.

Lintol is an open data validating tool, much like a grammar checker for open data (data which everyone can access, use or share).

The Lintol project works with existing open data platforms, linking into existing workflows, and providing custom reports flagging potential issues with data prior to release.

Lintol screenshot

The Data Times

Flax & Teal is the lead consortium member for The Data Times in a joint Avata Industries / VIEWdigital project to build a data discovery tool for community journalists to help lower the bar to well-grounded data and accountability journalism.

The Data Times will be a simple, clean tool for journalists to started with data-driven journalism, discovering data focused to their area, guiding them through the first steps of a visually-engaging, data-grounded argument.

This project is in prototype phase, and we are keen to engage with any potential stakeholders. Please do contact us if you have an interest in this or any of the other products above.