Coding | Cloud Architecture | Consulting

Flax & Teal is a consultancy focused on openly-licensed technologies, serving public and private sector through web-based products and services in computational engineering, geospatial analysis and data science.

Flax & Teal builds tools for private and public sector including publicly-shared, reusable parts - these are often web platforms providing behind-the-scenes analysis of open data, geography and physics.

F&T is also part of a multidisciplinary consortium of small businesses in Northern Ireland: Avata Industries, which together build openly-licensed products.

With our mix of industry and academic computing experience, we are well-placed to support complex R&D subcontracts, including general and specialist development on Horizon 2020 and InnovateUK projects. We are also certifed Arches providers, an open source cultural heritage management platform.

R&D Software Development

Web | Data | Engineering | Science

Prototype builds starting from £20,000 (ex VAT)
Solely or as a collaborative lead, F&T regularly runs five and six figure new-tech, multidisciplinary projects.

Flax & Teal has coordinated and driven a number of complex client projects across technologies since 2013, and supported others. We build intricate applications ourselves or, for large projects, draw together a multidisciplinary team from across the Avata Industries group.

Flax & Teal has in-house experience supporting projects funded under EU and InnovateUK R&D frameworks; coordination of work packages involving training, software development, data analysis, focus groups and design.

We have experience in health, enterprise, numerical simulation, engineering, journalism, public and education sectors, amongst others.

We work with organizations in the UK, Ireland, continental EU and Australasia.

Sustainably open: we contribute non-commercially-sensitive code back to projects we build on top of, where relevant, and are keen to work with clients open to this principle.

Cloud & Infrastructure

AWS | Google | Azure

Flax & Teal can provide on-going hosting and data processor services within the EU, following on from our software development services, supporting our open source products, or as a standalone service.

We have extensive experience working with Linux, Kubernetes and containerization spanning all major platforms, with a five-figure annual spend on cloud resources.

We offer a range of service agreements to maintain, secure and upgrade software over its lifetime, rapidly incorporating security improvements and critical fixes from third-party components on your behalf.

G-Cloud Approved Supplier

Flax & Teal are on the G-Cloud 12 framework, allowing us to deliver our services as a Crown Commercial Service supplier. Our position as a G-Cloud 12 supplier allows public sector organizations to benefit from our cloud support services and expertise.

Being on the G-Cloud 12 portal allows organisations across the UK public sector including central government, local government, health, education, emergency services, and not-for-profit organisations reach us and our services.

Training & Consultancy

Data | Python | Kubernetes

Flax & Teal has established introductory courses on Kubernetes (infrastructure), Data Science and Python, covering topics such as Data Analysis, Engineering, Machine Learning, Visualization, Geospatial and Fluid Dynamics.

Phil Weir has run costed conference and on-site research-level workshops in NI & Scotland, with exceptional feedback and repeat requests.

All training materials we produce are openly available and shareable, with our recurring engagements driven entirely by the quality and expertise of our delivery.